Scene: A Nice Sibling Moment

The kids don't always get along - in fact, they spend a good chunk of their time fighting - but in this scene, at least they can make friends again after! (Scene: Building a fort with the kiddos.) Me: Okay, I just need to tuck this part of the blanket into the drawer... K: I can do it! … [Read More...]

Scene: Injuries

My son gets his fair share of injuries, but in this scene, even though his vocabulary is only a few half-words, he always finds a way to tell me what's up! (Scene: I hear a crash from the other room, followed by bawling.) Me: What happened??? K: Baby A fell into the pitar. Me: He fell into … [Read More...]

DIY Disinfectant Spray

DIY Disinfectant Spray

Rather than using expensive products with harsh chemicals, make your own DIY disinfectant spray out of natural ingredients, like tea tree oil and … [Read More...]

On Not Being Afraid to Fail

not being afraid to fail

This last weekend, I did something that scared me. Something that, a few years (or even a few months ago), wouldn't have even been something I'd … [Read More...]

Scene: Camping with Kids

What was it like trying to get the kids to sleep in a tent?┬áIn this scene, hubby and I discover the wonderful world of backyard camping with our … [Read More...]

Scene: K changes Baby A

Kids don't seem to realize that you're not supposed to have fun with certain tasks. In this scene, K finds changing a diaper positively … [Read More...]

Scene: I Don’t “Get” Her Art


K made a craft in VBS that looked a bird? Kind of? In this scene, she explained it to me as best as she could. (Scene: I just … [Read More...]

Scene: Celebrating with Royalty

In this scene, when we went out to celebrate a new chapter in our lives, we wound up getting the privilege of dining with royalty! (Scene: We're … [Read More...]

Scene: K Parents Us

Sometimes, Hubby and I can get carried away with immature debates. Fortunately, in this scene, we find out that K is capable of … [Read More...]

7/14 Nomday Monday Real Food Recipe Link Up!

Looking for resources for some new and nommy real food recipes? Look no further than the Nomday Monday Real Food Recipe Weekly Link Up! Welcome to … [Read More...]