Scene: The Manchild in the Morning

When Baby A wakes up, he wakes up in a big way. This manchild can be a little intense at seven thirty!!! (Scene: Baby A is awake, and Hubby has freed him from the crib. I hear the pounding of little footsteps as he approaches.) Baby A: MAAAAMAAAAA!!! Me: (Eyes not even open.) Good morning, … [Read More...]

Scene: K Hopes for Pink

When K is asked what she'd like in a little sibling, she knows exactly what she wants. And it's pink. (Scene: I'm tucking K in for her nap, and she's concerned because she knows how sick I've been.) K: Mom, you don't have a hurting foot. Me: No, my foot's okay. K: But you have a … [Read More...]

Scene: She’s Definitely a Threenager

More and more, my daughter is showing me how true the term "threenager" is! In this scene, the moodiness is pretty much typical for these … [Read More...]

Scene: K Comforts the Computer

Baby A causes a lot of problems for the electronics in our house. In this scene, as I'm trying to unravel the issues, K sympathizes with the … [Read More...]

Kelley Pulley’s Treasury of Bible Stories {Review}


Our family has a lot of different wants and needs in the story time department. Everyone was happy with Kelley Pulley's Treasury of Bible … [Read More...]

Scene: A Nice Sibling Moment

The kids don't always get along - in fact, they spend a good chunk of their time fighting - but in this scene, at least they can make friends again … [Read More...]

Scene: Injuries

My son gets his fair share of injuries, but in this scene, even though his vocabulary is only a few half-words, he always finds a way to tell me … [Read More...]

DIY Disinfectant Spray

DIY Disinfectant Spray

Rather than using expensive products with harsh chemicals, make your own DIY disinfectant spray out of natural ingredients, like tea tree oil and … [Read More...]

On Not Being Afraid to Fail

not being afraid to fail

This last weekend, I did something that scared me. Something that, a few years (or even a few months ago), wouldn't have even been something I'd … [Read More...]

Scene: Camping with Kids

What was it like trying to get the kids to sleep in a tent?┬áIn this scene, hubby and I discover the wonderful world of backyard camping with our … [Read More...]