Scene: K changes Baby A

Kids don’t seem to realize that you’re not supposed to have fun with certain tasks. In this scene, K finds changing a diaper positively delightful.


(Scene: This AM. Too early. Kids crawling all over me and Hubby. Seemed like way more than two kids.)

Hubby: (Muffled.) Baby A, get off my head. How is this even comfortable for you?

Me: Bubby, do you need a diaper change?

Baby A: Dap DAP!

Hubby: (Muffled and horrified.) Please get him off my head.

K: Daddy, you need to change Baby A’s diaper.

Baby A: DA DA!

Me: Oh, really? Daddy needs to change Baby A?

Hubby: WHY?

K: Because you are a BIG Daddy. For BIG diapers!

Me: I don’t think Daddy wants to.

K: (The moment she’s been waiting for.) That’s okay, Dad! I can change him!

(We don’t protest very much. K heads into her room to fetch a diaper and wipes. Baby A waddles after her. They both return quickly.)

K: (Just cured cancer!) I got some baby wipes! And a diaper for Baby A! And now (announcing her candidacy for president), *I’M GOING TO CHANGE HIM!*

Me: (Under my breath, to Hubby.) This could be bad.

Hubby: (Mumble.)

K: (Basically his mom) Lie down, Baby A. I have to change you now. You need to lie down, because I am going to change you!

(Surprisingly, Baby A obeys.)

K: Okay, gotta take your pants off, first! (She tugs at his pants with no luck.)

Me: Here, let me help just with that part. That’s a hard part.

K: Okay, now I can do it, mom!

Me: Okay. I’ll just help a tiny bit if you need help. You can do the rest.

(Because God works miracles even today, the diaper is just wet. K’s able to get it off all by herself.)

Me: Now, careful! Before you take away the wet diaper, you have to put the clean diaper under him. (I help her situate the diaper under Baby A’s tushy.) Go ahead and close it! (She manages to get the diaper technically fastened, although it’s way too loose to stay on that way.)

Me: *REAL* quick, I’m just going to adjust these (I fasten the diaper more tightly.) And it’s done! You did it, K! A whole diaper change, almost all by yourself! You’re such a big helper! Thank you!

K: (Magnanimous.) You’re welcome, Mom. (Thinks for a minute.) I just changed Baby Ar’s butt.


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