Scene: Celebrating with Royalty

In this scene, when we went out to celebrate a new chapter in our lives, we wound up getting the privilege of dining with royalty!


(Scene: We’re going out to eat to celebrate Hubby’s new job. K has been wearing a crown all day, because she’s “the Tween of the Tastle.”)

Hostess: It’ll just be a few minutes.

Hubby: Thanks. Come on guys, let’s sit over here.

Me: This way, Bubby.

(Baby A toddles over to the chairs and pulls himself up.)

K: We’ll sit up here, and then we’ll eat?

Me: Yup! Our table will be ready soon.

K: And we’ll have noodles?

Me: We can have noodles if you want.

Baby A: (Sees a clump of waitresses chatting and smiling at him.) Hi!

(He works the charm.)

Waitress: Isn’t he so cute? (To K) And you – is it your birthday, or are you just a princess today?

K: I’m just wearing a crown because I’m a princess today.

Hostess: Oh, that’s fun.

K: Actually, I’m the tween. Of the tastle. And the world.

**She doesn’t ask for much. Just world domination.**

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  1. Great story thank you!
    I hope you will post more soon :D

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