Healing My Thyroid – One Year Later {Part One}

I’ve been trying to heal my hypothyroidism through natural means. This is my update to my series on healing my thyroid – one year later.

healing my thyroid

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A little over a year ago, I started a journey. I wanted to see if I could heal myself of hypothyroidism. At first, I was pretty good about updating my progress – I posted a one month, two month, and a four-and-five month updates. In each, I would share the supplements I was using, the results I was seeing, the thyroid-helping foods I was eating and the thyroid-damaging “foods” (like artificial sweeteners, soda, and other empty edibles) I was avoiding.

Then, I fell off the update-wagon in a big way. One month, it was just that there didn’t seem to be much to say. My post would basically have read, “results and supplements the same as last month,” and that seemed way too boring to bother anyone with.

The month after that, though, I didn’t update because I had started a completely new “plan of action” for healing my thyroid,  and I wanted to see where it would take me before I said anything about it. The new plan? Trim Healthy Mama.

Recommended to me by a friend who happens to have *eight* children – and who also found herself in the frustrating position of being unable to lose weight after her last child (despite eating a healthy real-foods diet and running for 45 minutes a day). She had just about thrown in the towel and decided she just had to accept herself as permanently overweight when she heard about Trim Healthy Mama and gave it a try – and, by the time I saw her again (several months after she started the plan), she had very nearly reached her goal weight! I remember being happy for her – but secretly thinking it couldn’t work for me – not with my dumb, stupid, lame-o thyroid. After all, the “usual stuff” I would do to lose weight (like massive amounts of exercise, and restricting myself to mostly raw foods and lean meats) wasn’t working, so clearly, nothing would.

Oh, how wrong I was. She convinced me to give it a try – and, since she had been able to lose stubborn pounds that not even running could touch (and I have deep respect for runners, because I think that’s the worst kind of torture imaginable), I did feel the tiniest twinge of hope.

I ordered my book right away. I read it cover to cover within two days (first time I’ve done that since college!). Then, I dove right in to the plan – and, after a week, I finally weighed myself.

I should mention that I was very used to seeing the exact same number on the scale by this time. I had weighed myself a few days after giving birth to Baby A, and the scale read the fateful number then: 191.4. I re-weighed six weeks later, certain that I’d be at least in the lower 180′s. I figured that since I had lost all the extra bodily fluids, eaten a healthful diet, and exclusively nursed my baby, it was a guarantee that I’d have lost some weight since giving birth – but I hadn’t. Horrified, I saw that I still weighed 191.4. I let another month go by. Still the same. I added in what exercise I could. Nothing changed. I spent the entire week of our family’s vacation saying “no” to the cinnamon rolls and other delicious foods my MIL made. I passed up the cookies at my daughter’s birthday. I didn’t let so much as a sip of soda or a bite of anything containing gluten pass my lips. I was a saint. And still, when I stood on the scale just the morning before starting THM, the scale said the same thing: 191.4.

So when I stood on the scale again one week after starting my new way of eating, I was earnestly praying, “Lord, please – just one pound. Please let me have lost just one pound!!!”

I looked down at the number on the scale: 181.2.


I checked the scale. I replaced the batteries. I weighed my daughter (because I knew how much she weighed). It was accurate. I weighed myself again: 181.2. I had lost, in one week, 10 pounds.

I was so happy, I started to cry.

In the months since then, I’ve never even approached that much of a loss, and I’ve had plenty of long stalls. That’s totally fine with me. Most experts recommend losing no more than one pound a week for healthy, sustainable weight loss, and when I average out my losses over the last nine months, it comes out to about that much. I haven’t really had many weeks where I lost in that consistent fashion – my body seems to prefer big drops in weight followed by long stalls before another big drop – but that, too, is considered “normal.” (As of 2/14/14, i weighed 148.2 – still not in a healthy weight range for my body, but close!)

Even better than losing weight (which certainly isn’t everything – but is a big bonus for us thyroid girls!) is feeling alive again. Those who suffer from hypothyroidism and other thyroid disorders know full well the meaning of the word “exhausted.” I had days when I could hardly move, and would feel overwhelmingly depressed about my inability to care for my family the way I wanted to. I did see some marked improvements once I started taking my thyroid medication – but I needed to take the maximum dose (eight sizable pills) every day to feel like I had enough energy to get through the day. It wasn’t cheap medication, either.

Soon after starting THM, I noticed that I felt pretty energetic – maybe even a little jittery. Since my care provider had warned me that I could feel that way from taking too much thyroid medication, I began slowly scaling back, basing my dosage on how I felt.

And guess what? Within a few months, I was down to taking one - one – pill! And sometimes, I forget to take it, and I still feel okay. Yes, it’s exciting to know that I’m healing my thyroid – but I can’t complain about saving myself $80 a month, either!

This post was getting entirely too long, so it’s been split into parts. Part Two will be live on Tuesday, Feb 25th. Stay tuned!

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  1. Kudos to you for not giving up! What type of exercise activity are you doing now instead of running to loose those extra pounds?

  2. Fantastic! So many people have had such great success with THM.

  3. That is so great that you are down to one pill and are losing weight. Sounds like you found something that works for you!

  4. Thank you for the update. I am in month two of my journey. Almost parellel circumstances to yours as far as thyroid, regimen & weight loss road blocks. What thyroid meds are you taking? Dosage? I feel I’m on the right track with desicated thyroid, supplements, also following THM plan and enjoy working out daily. Just curious as to what you are taking by way of hormone replacement. I appreciate all of the good info especially coming from someone actually walking through my same situation. Thanks again!


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