Healing My Thyroid – One Year Later {Part Two}

I’ve spent the last year trying to heal myself of hypothyroidism through natural means. This is part two of my update about healing my thyroid. (Click HERE to read part one.)

healing my thyroid

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Two months after beginning THM, I heard about T-Tapp. Some of the ladies in the THM Facebook group were talking about this great workout that helped them drop dress sizes like crazy. By that time, I had lost around 25 lbs, but wasn’t losing as many inches as I thought I would. I suspected that months of being hardly able to move interspersed with crazy bouts of cardio hadn’t done much for my muscles – in fact, I felt so weak when I tried to lift my kids that I was pretty sure every muscle *not* associated with walking had atrophied.

Before THM, starting a consistent exercise regime sounded impossible. I had neither the energy to endure a long workout (not unless I was willing to be exhausted for the rest of the day – and with two little ones, that wasn’t a good idea), nor did I have the time! I had two babies under two, and a hubby juggling work and school – when was I supposed to find an hour to workout?

As I looked in to T-Tapp, it definitely caught my attention. For one thing, the length of the Basic Workout Plus was only 15 minutes. As hard as it was to believe that 15 minutes could really do much to change my physique, I had already acknowledged to myself that I probably wouldn’t do anything over 20 minutes. It was just too hard to find a chunk of time like that – and if I *did* find a chunk of time like that, I’d probably have other plans for it (like a nap. As valuable as fitness is, a nap is infinitely more valuable!) Aside from the nice, short length of the workout, the other thing that convinced me to try it was this video right here:

Crazy, right? You can *really* feel a difference in your muscles when you try it “in alignment.”

I started the workout with a “boot camp” (doing the workout’s instructional segment for more than 4 days in a row – I made it to 10 before I just couldn’t keep going). Those first few workouts really kicked my booty! It was all I could do to get through them – and sometimes, I’d collapse on the floor as soon as I did the final move, complaining to my hubby that my legs felt like jello.

Here’s the crazy part, though: I never felt sore the next day.

Any other time in my life that I’ve worked out hard enough to get jello-legs, I’ve paid the price the next day or two, with muscle soreness that never lets up. I always figured that was just the “price” of working out – you have to be in pain if you want results.

Wrong-o. I lost a good 6 inches in the first week I did T-Tapp, and even though I sometimes was shaking during the workout from effort and thought I was going to die when it was over, I always woke up the next morning feeling…well…like I had not worked out the day before.

That, more than anything, is the reason I love it so much. Yes, I’ve seen amazing results – but I’m sure I *could* have potentially lost as many inches through sweating in a Pilates class, lifting weights and running on a treadmill. The results aren’t the part that I love. It’s that this is so achievable for me. I only need 15 minutes, which I can usually find, and I won’t be sore. Time constraints and unpleasant soreness were two big road blocks before.

I also noticed a big difference in my energy levels. I don’t really notice the invigorating “charge” a lot of the women in the FB group notice. Right after a T-Tapp workout, I pretty much feel okay – maybe a little better (yay, endorphins), but I really just want to shower and drink some water. I *do* notice a difference the next day, though! The day after I workout, I always seem to have a lot more energy and a better mood. I’ve noticed such a difference, in fact, that I’ve started doing the workout every day when it’s at all possible – even though I don’t have to to see results. I actually like working out now. That is something I never could have imagined before!

If I sound like an infomercial, you have to see this from my perspective: I’ve had two babies in the last three years. I have a thyroid disorder that makes weight loss very difficult. I have been doing a fifteen minute workout every other day (skipping to every two days pretty frequently) that involves no jumping or weights - and I am thinner now than I was in high school.

This was taken at a friend's wedding in November. At the time, I was feeling pretty awesome - I was back to pre-baby weight! Since then, I've lost an additional 11 lbs, even though I stopped working out and watching what I ate from Thanksgiving to New Years!

This was taken at a friend’s wedding in November. At the time, I was feeling pretty awesome – I was back to pre-baby weight! Since then, I’ve lost an additional 11 lbs, even though I stopped working out and watching what I ate from Thanksgiving to New Years!

Seriously, to have so much stacked against me, and yet to be feeling better than ever? That’s awesome.

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  1. Okay, I’m sold. I just saved this link. I need something that is short, low-impact, to get me motivated and the way to healthy!

  2. You look good. Nice flattering dress!

  3. you sold me! I am going to try t-tapp…you look great too!

  4. How did you go with the other components of your one-year plan? Which of your ten original parts of your plan do you recommend one year on? I am on a journey to heal my thyroid too, and I’m combining nutritional medicine with mind-body medicine. So far I’ve been able to come off thyroid medication all together and not have any symptoms. The blood tests showed little to no thyroid in my system, but NO symptoms! The endocrinologist was baffled and said I didn’t need medication if my body was able to work perfectly find without it. However, I still want to get the thyroid active again so was curious (apart from weight loss strategies) what else you recommend. Thank you and well done achieving your weight loss!

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