DIY All-Purpose Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

Looking for an easy, green, effective and yummy-smelling natural cleaner? DIY All-purpose Citrus Enzyme Cleaner is a powerful and refreshing change of pace!

DIY All-purpose citrus enzyme cleaner

I love cleaning with vinegar. Honestly, I do. It’s cheap, it’s effective, it’s not going to hurt me or the little bean if I breathe it in–and heck, if K ever gets into the cleaning supplies and chugs a bottle of my window spray, it’ll just gross her out without doing any lasting damage. Love, love, love.

But, it doesn’t do everything, and it smells like, you know, vinegar.

This is why I love my Citrus Enzyme Cleaner. It’s also incredibly simple to make–it takes a little trash, and a lot of time, but that’s about it.

Here’s what you need:

A few citrus peels (grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime–whatever you’ve got)

Distilled vinegar

That’s it! As for actually making the cleaner, it’s just a few seconds of work and then a lot of wait.

Step one–Put peels in vinegar. I made my first batch when my parents were visiting. We were sitting around the kitchen table eating oranges and talking, and without even having to leave the conversation, I just got up, stuck the peels in a mason jar, filled the jar with vinegar, screwed a lid on, and set it in the window. Step one = done.¬†

Step two–Wait. Let the cleaning solution sit in a sunny window for two weeks. Then fill half a spray bottle with your citrus solution, then fill the rest with water–then you’re done :).

The enzymes formed by the fermenting help with the cleaning. I use it as I’d use any all-purpose cleaner–and, since I have a really small bathroom, I use it as a floor cleaner, too. The best part is the lingering smell of oranges when everything’s all clean.

I hope you try it out!

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  1. Making it today :) Orange peels sitting on the table waiting for me to grab my jar!

  2. We clean with vinegar as well but the smell has always bothered me. Going to try this one next time I clean the floors!

  3. I need to try this! Although I also clean with vinegar, I can get tired of the smell :-)

  4. I have avoided cleaning with vinegar because the smell bothers me sooo much. I feel like I could actually try this. Is there anytihng else I can add to it that would help with the smell?

    • You could definitely add additional EO’s! Lavender would probably go well with citrus scent. I’m not sure how Tea tree would go, but that has a *very* strong, almost minty smell, that might cover up the vinegar scent!

  5. I make, and use this ALL the time! I cleaned my kitchen floor with it recently, and my son helped (he’s 2.5), and ended up spilling tons of it on the floor. My kitchen smelled SO GOOD. :D

  6. I’m always meaning to do this because I had a friend who used to do it but I keep forgetting! Thanks for reminding me!:)

  7. This recipe is a lot easier than another one I read about! That one involved brown sugar, water and vinegar and had to sit for 3 months. Maybe I’ll try this before we leave for the holidays and have it waiting when I get back. :-)

  8. Does this solution disinfect as well. I’d love to have a cleaner that does pretty much everything.

    • It can easily be made into a disinfectant by adding tea tree oil, or another disinfecting essential oil! I use about 20-30 drops for a quart of vinegar to make my disinfecting spray!

  9. Will this go bad? Can I make a bunch of batches and just remove the orange peels and store for later.


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