Cloth Diaper Problems: How to Travel with Cloth Wipes

It’s easier – yes, easier – to cloth diaper on the road if you’ve got cloth wipes to go with the dipes! Here’s how to travel with cloth wipes.

how to travel with cloth wipes


I confess, I didn’t always travel with cloth wipes. In fact, someone gave us a super-size box of disposable wipes from Sam’s club as a baby gift for K, and you know what? I used it.

Granted, I *only* used it for travel. At home, it was always cut-up flannel receiving blankets and baby washcloths as “wipes” using my homemade wipes spray. I packed those disposable wipes in my diaper bag – and I *just* ran out of them a few months ago!

Once they ran out, though, there was no question about whether or not I’d buy more. I once sat down and did the math to see if I were really saving very much money by not buying wipes, and since it didn’t seem like an impressive number that I came up with, I further timed myself caring for the wipes to see if it were really worth it to do all cloth all the time. Conclusion? When I calculated my hourly rate, including washing and folding the wipes, I was makin’ bank by not buying disposable! All I needed was to figure out how to travel with cloth wipes.

Of course, transitioning to cloth on the road took some thought. There are lots of options – and some might work for you! – but I tested some of the options and really didn’t like them. I first tried putting dry cloth wipes in my wipes case and carting around a cleaned, upcycled mini hairspray container full of wipes spray. Meh. I didn’t love it. It was okay, but it added a few steps to cleaning my baby – not something I’m a fan of when I’m out shopping (two under two, trying to make sure no one steals one of my children or my purse, hurrying so they won’t touch anything nasty in the public restroom – *not* a time I want to be messing with another bottle!). Instead, I decided to just pre-wet the wipes. This turned out to be the easiest route to go!

I don’t advocate pre-wetting wipes for home use, since you probably won’t go through them quickly enough, and the ones on the bottom can get mildewy, but a wipes case only holds so much. You’ll probably replenish your wipes, as I do, after a few trips out and about.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Make 1/2 cup of a “simple cleaning solution.” I don’t make the full wipes spray recipe; I just fill a pint jar with water and 2-4 drops of tea tree oil. (A pint jar makes about two batches; I just cover the leftovers and save it for whenever I need to replenish my wipes case.

2. Load your travel wipes case with folded wipes.

3. Slowly pour the wipes solution over the wipes, letting it absorb.

how to travel with cloth wipes

Pour slowly! You don’t want spillage!

4. Stop before the wipes seem fully saturate. This is important! If you let them get soaking wet, your wipes will leak in your diaper bag. Get the top half pretty wet, and then just close the case and let it sit for a few minutes. The water will seep through, making them evenly wet.

And that’s it! You’ve got travel wipes! I actually find this easier than using the disposable wipes. Since I usually travel with cloth diapers, it’s easier to just toss the soiled wipe in my wetbag along with the cloth diapers than it is to throw *just* a wipe in the trash.

So, this is how I do it – if you’re a CD-ing mama, how do you travel with cloth wipes? Or have you not tried it yet? Leave a comment letting me know!

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  1. Michelle Arnold says:

    We use cloth wipes. I just have a stack of dry wipes in with the clean diapers. Usually you encounter a sink on the way to the baby changer in the restrooms so I get a wipe out to wet on the way to change baby. Then it goes in the wetbag with the diaper. If I prewet them, they may go to waste/mildew. Even with 2 in cloth, we don’t always wind up needing to change one while out so dry can just stay in the bag until needed. Now, at home we do prewet and put them in a wipes container. We wet them with water and wring out well. Then squirt homemade solution on them as we stuff them in the container. We make about 6-10 depending on the recent history of diaper changes (both kids have yucky diarrhea right now so we know we’ll use more!) and we use them within 2 days and they don’t get musty or mildew. We also make sure they aren’t wet enough to drip. They are ready to use right out of the container with no wringing.

  2. Very helpful info for CD mamas.

  3. I just lug them around dry and wet them in the restroom sink or with my water bottle if we are outside. we have a big tub filled with soapy wet cloth wipes at home, but with two in diapers, we go through it every day.

  4. I love cloth diapers and cloth wipes at home, but I always have disposables in my diaper bag. Maybe I’ll try your tips!

  5. Thanks so much for the tips! I am running low on the disposable wipes and I’m getting ready to make my own. I found a wipee solution online which I will be trying but then I didn’t know how I was going to do it when I go out. I will definitely try your method since I have been finding places where there is no diaper changing station in the bathroom and I have to go to the car to change. In such cases I will be in trouble with no access to a sink. Thanks!

  6. I’ve actually never carried disposable wipes with me!

    I make my wipe solution in the squirt bottle that was given at the hospital. I have 1 for home and 1 for travel. I put the wipes in the bag like I would the CDs and then I just squirt the wipe solution onto a dry wipe, throw it in with the dirty CD and everything goes into the wet bag.

    (I do have to make sure that the cap is totally closed though.)

  7. Oh this is a great idea!!!

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  9. Until recently, we were using disposable everything when out and about. But when my mom said (after almost 10 months of babysitting! lol) that she was ok with using cloth, I decided it was time to stop buying disposables all the time. Plus, we kept having the wipes packages end up at my mom’s house, and then either I would have no wipes when I went to town or would have no wipes to send with the other babysitter. So now we are cloth 100%! Yay! I’m going to donate some of my extra disposables to my congregation for back-ups for the other mamas at church & anything else extra will be passed on to a family member for their baby.

    Anyway, we have been taking dry wipes and a bottle of solution, but I’m not loving it. My wet/dry bag is not big enough to hold both dry diapers, dry wipes, wipe solution, and have room for the dirties in the other pocket, so I keep the dry dipes in the main diaper bag and the dry wipes and solution in the “dry” pocket. But I still keep getting the bottle separated from the wipes, and it takes too long to get it out, spray, and not have my wiggly 1-year-old trying to get down, reach for stuff, etc. Plus, my wipes case is a Huggies soft reusable bag-like one, so it’s hard to get the wipes out of it quickly. It’s too soft to fold them pop-up style and still get them out easily (works but tends to mess up the wipes that are left inside), so I think I need to get a hard-side one like it shown here and pre-wet them. I’m thinking I will just use water so that I can dry any unused ones once I get home and not worry about having to wash them before using them the next time. I use just water with a little tea tree oil in a spray bottle at home, and that works awesome. It actually cleans better than the wipe solution I’ve been using. Plus, I don’t worry about using too much of that expensive stuff!

  10. I LOVE your pre-wet system. You’re so right, it’s only good for on the go but, it’s very smart. We’ll never go back to disposable.

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